Work & Relationships

In 40% of child eczema cases
there is friction and arguments
that affect the whole family.


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Sarah's Story

Age: 37 From: Surrey Kids: 1 + 1

As a housewife, luckily I'm very flexible as far as my family needs. But having to fight to get help from doctors, researching on the Internet and explaining to others what is wrong it generally falls on the mum and tires you out! It effected your relationship by just making me feel alone in the battle. As much as there is always a primary carer, that's generally because you are there the most and the partner does not know what to do. Asking for help and showing them what to do gives that little bit of freedom and keeps me sane! If you’re at your best then you can offer your SUPERMUM 24/7 service. Remember to keep going whatever it throws at you –you’re doing amazing!

Top Tips

  1. Nudge your partner for help, as little as an hour off your duties - especially at night - really can help!
  2. Make your employer aware about any sleep deprivation as a result of your child's eczema care so that they cut you some slack when you need it most.