The Winter Months

Over 28% of children have had their Christmas ruined by eczema flare-ups.


Help & Advice from Salcura

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Ellora's Story

Age: 26 From: Cleethorpes Kids: 1 + 2

I think the absolute biggest struggle at this time of year is heat; you want your child to be warm, you want them to experience coming in from the cold to a nice warm house, having a warm bath, but it sometimes seems like you'll never be able to do that- people have some really good advice how to get around this. I personally time the heating to come on whilst we're out then go off just before we come in, that way we get a nice warm house to come home to without the direct heat drying her skin.

Top Tips

  1. Try to maintain central heating at a lukewarm temperature, not too hot
  2. Limit intake of ‘junk’ or ‘party’ foods
  3. Try to limit time spent in fancy dress costumes or itchy materials