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Stress & Sleep

Over 70% of children with eczema
have their sleep regularly disrupted
and in a third of cases other siblings'
sleep is disrupted too.


Help & Advice from Salcura

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Josie's Story

Age: 39 From: Essex Kids: 2

From as early as I can remember, night times have always been the worst time for the eczema. Sometime's I'd be changing bed sheets twice a night - you have to be so dedicated! I used to wonder if I'm ever going to get a good night's sleep - people who don't have to go through it just don't understand the toll it takes and the stress that sleep depravation causes for all involved (my other son who doesn't have eczema is in the same room too). My advice to people in the same position would be share the load with your partner - even if they have to get up early the next day - and when the going gets tough just stay positive as it will pass!

Top Tips

  1. Non-bio washing powder and 100% cotton sheets and PJs are a must.
  2. Some fresh lavender in the room and a dab of Vicks on the pulse points helps to promote a sleepy and relaxed child.