School Life

In 60% of cases school staff
refuse to apply topical products
to children suffering with eczema.


Help & Advice from Salcura

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Abby's Story

Age: 28 From: Worcestershire Kids: 1

When children go to school they become a lot more aware of differences in each other - either good or bad - so a flare up occurring gets more attention. As my son needs creams to be applied this is really disruptive to their 'social scene' and any additional clubs have to be considered on time and type so not to make his skin worse. I tend to find that being honest whoever is running the club really helps as their help to my son either physically or emotionally during that time is invaluable.

Top Tips

  1. After fully educating yourself about eczema, take the time to talk to your child's teacher too including that sleep deprivation may lead to concentration issues.
  2. At the start of each new year, encourange your child's teacher to hold eczema discussions in the classroom so that other children will understand and empathise not tease.