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Joining In

Over 60% of children with eczema
are often unable to participate in swimming. Also, 40% of children have to opt out of staying over-night at a friend's house too.


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Julia's Story

Age: 31 From: Tyne & Wear Kids: 2

I used to feel very limited as to whom I could leave my daughter with meaning she would miss out on sleep overs and the other fun things that make being a child so much fun. She started swimming really late and now her younger sister by 2 years is better than her - which makes her feel really sad. We have turned a corner in our protectiveness now and things are so much better for it. We think ahead and prepare for the worst whether it's horse riding or going to the pool. Yes we occasionally have flare ups but we're ontop of them fast and the trade off is a much happier child...which is all that a mum wants!

Top Tips

  1. Make sure they join in as much as possible and not be afraid to allow kids to try a new activity for fear of a flare up - just be prepared and see what happens!
  2. Send kids to a sleep-over with a sleeping bag liner washed in the detergent you know doesn't cause any issues.