You are not alone!

75% of parents feel there
isn’t enough help and advice
from the NHS to deal with
their child’s eczema.

What we can do together?

Stronger TOGETHER!

Life support for the whole family is rarely addressed by the health authorities. This is a simple resource for parents and carers of children with eczema to share their experiences, helping others in a similar position who are seeking support for the whole family in dealing with the many aspects of childhood eczema.

For each topic, visitors to this site will not just be able to learn from others, but make their own contribution to each subject too.

How the website works

Simply need advice or support?

Explore the four topics above for any help and advice relevant to you and your family - we hope you can find others who are going through similar frustrations and may have already found some ways to ease the life burden that childhood eczema brings.

Join in the conversation

Contribute your thoughts, feelings and experiences dealing with the frustration of and life impact that childhood eczema has on the family as a whole. You’ll be amazed how many people are needing a little reassurance and advice and hearing this from another parent can make a world of difference.